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As individuals age, prioritizing gum health becomes increasingly crucial. Seniors face a higher risk of developing periodontal (gum) disease, a condition that, if left untreated, can lead to severe complications such as swollen gums and tooth loss. Furthermore, studies have highlighted the connection between periodontal disease and other serious illnesses. Here’s what you need to know to maintain optimal gum health as you age.

Periodontal Disease and Your Overall Health
Research has uncovered a concerning correlation between periodontal disease and various health issues. A recent study by the University of Southampton and King’s College London revealed that individuals with periodontal disease experience a more rapid cognitive decline, particularly in early Alzheimer’s disease cases. The study observed a sixfold increase in cognitive decline among those with periodontal disease. Additionally, periodontal disease has been associated with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Given the increased susceptibility to these conditions as individuals age, it is crucial to address potential risk factors, including gum health.

The Numbers You Need to Know
According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, over 14% of seniors aged 65 to 74 experience moderate or severe periodontal disease. This percentage rises to more than 20% among individuals over 75 years old. Gender and lifestyle factors, such as smoking, also play a significant role in periodontal health. The study revealed that men and smokers are more likely to develop moderate to severe periodontal disease compared to women and non-smokers, respectively.

Steps You Can Take
Taking proactive steps to preserve gum health is essential for seniors. Maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine is paramount. Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day for two minutes each time and regularly flossing help remove plaque and prevent gum disease. Additionally, scheduling regular visits to our office, Heritage Dental Center – Mall Rd, ensures comprehensive gum evaluations and personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Our team, led by an experienced Dentist Florence KY, is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain healthy gums as you age.

Don’t overlook the importance of gum health in your overall well-being. Contact Heritage Dental Center – Mall Rd today to schedule your next appointment and take proactive steps toward optimal oral health.

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